Mantis X3 Shooting Performance System


The Mantis X3 is a digital training coach for shooters that works with dry fire or live fire exercises

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The Mantis X3 is a digital training coach for shooters that works with dry fire or live fire exercises. A tiny (less than a cubic inch) module that attaches to your handgun, rifle, or shotgun (via standard picatinny rail or extra adapters), the X3 monitors the movement of your weapon at an almost microscopic level. It can then provide detailed feedback on your weapon manipulations to help you break bad habits, improve your trigger control and smoothness, avoid common mistakes, and get analysis of your improvements.  It works with dry fire and live fire training, and has a series of shot timers and practice exercises in the app (iOS and Android).

Dry fire practice and micro drills can be done at any time, from the comfort of your home, without tracking down expensive hard to find ammunition.  They are the most overlooked training approach, and the Mantis X3 allows you correct your mistakes, improve your accuracy, draw speed, trigger control, and more, without hitting the range.  Horizon Arms Research plans to develop extensive free training resources for all levels of skill, and micro drills and dry fire practice will be a major component of that curriculum.

Ten minutes a day of dry fire practice/micro drills will dramatically improve your shooting skills!  Cheaper than ammo, invest in a Mantis X10 today!

You can read PewPew Tactical’s review of the Mantis X3 for more details.  We also offer the upgraded Mantis X10.  The Mantis X10 is the next generation Mantis training device and has many features the X3 does not.

(ships with Mantis X3 sensor unit, USB Charging cable, and Case with foam insert.)

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