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The HOrizon Arms Research Difference

We offer a small catalog of complete firearms, curated to be the best, most effective, tactical weapons.  Our team includes former Navy SEALs, Marines, and more, to ensure everything we sell is battle ready, fully tested, and 100% ready to provide safety and defense for you and your family.

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How to buy?

Buying a firearm online is quick and easy!  It’s just like any other online purchase, except that your weapon will be shipped to the local firearms dealer (FFL) of your choice, instead of to your house.  You can read about the whole process in detail here: Buying a Firearm Online

Find the right gun for you

Checkout our curated catalog of the best tactical weapons for self defense!  Find the right gun, or guns, for your needs.  Whether you need a concealed carry handgun  a tactical semi-automatic shotgun, a heavy hitting AR Pistol in .300 Blackout, or a long distance sniper rifle, we have the right weapon for you!

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Be Part of Something bigger

Horizon Arms Research is part of a larger initiative to help more people learn crucial skills and gain experience in the things that matter most.  Mental and physical training in everything from combat to wilderness survival to orienteering and more is coming. Be confident and prepared for anything that comes!

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New Arrivals

Some of our latest firearms and accessories.  Feel secure with our reliable tactical firearms!

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Building and selling the best weapons we can is a small part of our overall mission: to prepare you for anything.  Education, Training, and Content are critical, and we will share everything we can!

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