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What Makes Us Different?

There are many weapon manufacturers and dealers out there, many of whom make and sell excellent firearms.  Horizon Arms Research is different in a few ways:

Tactical Focus

We focus entirely on tactical weapons.  We do not build or sell weapons designed for hunting, competition, novelty, or looking pretty.  There is nothing wrong with those activities and types of firearms, but we are solely dedicated to effective tactical weapons. We work with a team of former military members to ensure our gear is extremely effective as measured by people who have spent a great deal of time receiving and returning fire in hostile combat enviprnmmetns around the world.

Exclusive Catalog

We build and sell a very limited catalog of weapons, offering up the best one or two weapons for a given tactical purpose.  We help our customers avoid decision paralysis due to too much choice.  Rather than offer 200 CQB rifles, we offer just a few excellent reliable weapons.

Complete Weapon Systems

We sell complete weapon systems, not piecemeal parts.  Instead of our customers buying a rifle, then selecting, buying, installing, and zeroing BUISs, selecting, buying, installing, and zeroing an optic, selecting and installing a bipod, fore-grip, etc….  We sell a complete weapon, with the perfect compliment of optics accessories, professionally attached, torqued, and zeroed.

Ready To Run

Our weapons are all tested, cleaned, lubed, and shipped out 100% ready to go!  You can pick up your firearm from your local FFL and go straight to the range.  


We currently offer demo days in Las Vegas, and all levels of tactical training at multiple locations across the country.  

We aren’t just selling guns, we are dedicated to helping people develop critical skills to handle any scenario or emergency.  Confidence, competency, and the ability to keep yourself and your loved ones safe.

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