What Does Tactical Mean?

Horizon Arms Research is focused on tactical firearms.  But what does “tactical” mean in this context?  

From Merriam-Webster (1.a.2) “using or being weapons or forces employed at the battlefront”.  

Horizon Arms Research’s Core Tactical Collection is focused on providing the most effective and most reliable weapons for killing a human being.  That may seem like a shocking or controversial statement.  However we aren’t here to beat around the bush.  Whether you’re concerned about self defense during a home invasion or a full scale zombie apocalypse, your safety is achieved by having a weapon that A) Works and B) Effectively Stops Your Enemy. 

These weapons are NOT optimized for hunting, for target shooting, for competitive shooting.  They aren’t made to look pretty, or to use cutting edge untested designs.  Those all have their place, but that’s not what the Core Tactical Collection is about.  Our tactical weapons are selected, designed, built, and tested to be completely reliable and extremely effective at stopping a human enemy.  

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