AR 15 Pistol HAR CQB 8″ .300 Blackout

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Probably the most popular CQB weapon we make! Compact, effective, and no tax stamp needed!

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Effective Capacity
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AR 15 Pistols are extremely popular because they allow for a short barrel without the tax stamp process of an SBR.  This weapon is designed to provide superior ballistics for CQB combat in a very small package. We’ve built a reliable, accurate, and lightweight AR-15 type pistol, chambered in next gen .300 blackout.  .300 blackout works extremely well in short barrel weapons like this pistol with it’s 8″ barrel, providing excellent muzzle velocity and energy.

Our weapons are designed to be 100% reliable, accurate, and effective in order to protect you and your family.  The small size and light weight of this AR 15 pistol combined with the take down power of the .300 blackout rifle round, and available high capacity magazines make it a fantastic choice for home defense, a truck or car gun, or for smaller people.


This amazing weapon is built on our precision forged Horizon Arms Research 7075-T6 aluminum receiver married to our truck-proof round M-Lok hand guard.  A top of the line Geissele trigger provides a light pull with quick accurate shots.  We selected the best in class SB Tactical SBA4 ar 15 pistol bracefor this ar pistol.  It has 5 adjustable positions and an extremely solid stock-like feel.  We’ve added a Phoenix Weaponry hand stop for safety.  A Trijicon RMR red dot optic provides durable, lightweight, quick target acquisition.  All in all, we have taken the best components from Horizon Arms Research and the firearms industry at large, and created the best tactical AR 15 pistol possible.

While this weapon is designed for closer engagements, our high quality builds provide surprising accuracy.



This weapon is also available in 5.56 mm, and as an SBR. Given the new ATF Pistol Brace Rule, an SBR may be a better option.

As always, if you have any questions you can email us at: [email protected]

If you would like a variant of this weapon that complies with your local state’s requirements (such as CA, MA, MD, NJ, NY, etc…) please email us.  Read more about restrictive state laws and compliant weapons here.

You are responsible for knowing and obeying your local firearm laws.

The product photos may differ in small ways from the product you receive.  Read more about why there might be small differences here.

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Next-Gen Ammo


.300 BLK

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