Sig P365 SAS – 9mm


The best compact concealed carry handgun! Small size, and snag-free design, coupled with 10+1 rounds of 9mm are a serious combination!

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The Sig Sauer P365 is the premier Sig sub-compact pistol.   It is a great choice for concealed carry, especially for people with smaller hands.   It has a short 3.1″ barrel and is only 1″ thick, allowing for easy concealed carry with little to no printing.  It holds 10+1 9mm rounds and is rated for +P ammunition, making it an extremely capable compact handgun with tons of stopping power in a tiny package.

The SAS variant is engineered for optimal concealed carry.  Its been smoothed out, with no front sight and an innovative fiber optic tritium day/night rear sight flush mounted into the slide.  The slide lock has been tucked into the grip, and the takedown lever is gone.  There are no snag points, making for an easy draw from any concealed carry holster, or even a pocket.  The FT Bullseye sight is very impressive.  It is easy to use and very visible under virtually all lighting conditions.

The tradeoffs for all this smoothness are that while the new sight system is extremely effective for quickly engaging man sized targets at relatively close range, it is not very useful for trying to hit bullseyes on paper targets, especially at further distances.  The tucked away slide release means you need to use the slingshot slide release technique, which you should be doing anyway.  You will also need tools for takedown/disassembly for cleaning or maintenance, unlike the normal Sig P365.

Given our focus on practical tactical weapons, we think these tradeoffs are well worth it, and that the Sig P365 SAS is the ultimate concealed carry handgun.



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