Sig P365XL RZ – 9mm

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The penultimate concealed carry gun with red dot optic! A slightly longer grip and barrel, compared to it’s smaller brother the P365, this handgun offers better handling and accuracy, while still being easily concealable. The Sig Romeo Zero red dot allows for quick and easy both eyes open target acquisition.

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This is the penultimate concealed carry gun, in our humble opinion.  The only thing better is the upgraded version of this same weapon.

The Sig Sauer P365XL RX is the extended grip version of the P365 sub-compact pistol.  Where the P365 felt too small in most of our shooters hands for comfort or confidence, the P365XL is a much better option for concealed carry.  It has a short 3.7″ barrel and is only 1.1″ thick, allowing for easy concealed carry with little to no printing.  It holds 12+1 9mm rounds and is rated for +P ammunition, making it an extremely capable compact handgun with tons of stopping power in a tiny package.

This model does not have a manual safety.  In general we recommend handguns without manual safeties for self defense purposes, however if you would prefer a manual safety we also offer this: Sig Sauer P365 XL with safety.

This model has a Sig Sauer Romeo Zero red dot, which allows for rapid target acquisition and easy both eyes open shooting.  It activates when the weapon is moved quickly (shake awake) so you get long battery life and an always ready red dot.

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