Horizon Arms Research Introduces Exclusive Core Tactical Collection

Tested and backed by military and defense experts, Horizon Arms Research provides reliable, high-quality personal protection solutions for discriminating gun buyers

DENVER, Jan. 13, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Colorado-based Horizon Arms Research introduces its exclusive Core Tactical Collection now available for purchase online or via special order. Horizon Arms Research offers a small, carefully-curated catalog of tactical top-of-the-line firearms ready to run and 100% reliable no matter the situation that life puts you in. Every weapon in the Core Tactical Collection is uniquely upgraded and tested to provide the ultimate custom weapon specifically designed with your personal protection needs in mind.

“Not to be confused with hunting, target shooting or competitive shooting, the firearms in the Core Tactical Collection are not made to look pretty,” says Devon Hillard, Founder of Horizon Arms Research. “Our tactical weapons are selected, designed, built, and tested to be extremely effective at stopping a threat to you, or your loved ones.”

Backed by extensive research and input from top military and law enforcement experts, the Core Tactical Collection offers complete weapon setups designed to save lives in an emergency. After a consultation with our experts, the Horizon Arms Research team builds each weapon to your unique specifications.

“We build and sell firearms that we know are the best of the best,” says Hillard. “We have an extensive background and broad experience with each and every one of these guns. Whether it is a handgun with a rail-mounted pistol light, or a sniper rifle complete with long range optics, we take the confusion, time and frustration out of buying a firearm with all the right accessories — complete and 100% ready to go out-of-the-box weapons that provide exceptional accuracy and reliability.”

To learn more about Horizon Arms Research and its Core Tactical Collection, visit www.horizonarmsresearch.com. For reporters and influencers interested in reviewing the Core Tactical Collection, please contact Michelle Tripp or Jolene Rheault at [email protected].

Horizon Arms Research
Founded in 2019, Horizon Arms Research is dedicated to empowering gun owners with the knowledge, education, and tactical weapons to equip them for any threat or combat situation. Horizon Arms Research collaborates with its team of former Navy SEALs, Marines, law enforcement, and other personal defense experts who have spent significant time in combat situations to ensure its products are exceptionally effective. The company is the tactical self defense branch of the Horizon Project, an online resource created to teach practical emergency and life skills for any type of situation. To learn more about Horizon Arms Research, visit www.horizonarmsresearch.com.

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