Different BCGs and Pivot Pins

Why Is My Firearm Different Than The Website?

Occasionally we will make small changes in the parts we use for our rifles.  This could be for any number of reasons.  We are constantly testing new products and solutions, and when we find something superior to what we used before, we will switch to the better part.  Some great parts get discontinued by their manufacturer and long term replacements need to be found.  Sometimes parts may not be available for months at a time and short term substitutions need to be used.  

Our guarantee to you is that at no time will we replace a part with an inferior replacement.  Our rifles will be built with high quality, reliable, tested, components, always.  Part substitution will at worst be a lateral move, but will typically be an improvement.  

An example of this is when POF discontinued their AR-15 BCG, and we switched to V Seven System’s BCG.  Or when the MOE SL grips were hard to find, so we used the MOE SL+ grips instead.  

If you have concerns or are unhappy with any differences, please contact us immediately!  We will work hard to ensure you are satisfied with your Horizon Arms Research weapon.

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