Why Are Your Guns So Expensive?

You can get an AR-15 for $600 if you want to.  So why should you consider paying $2,500 or more for a Horizon Arms Research AR-15?  Great question!

First off, we use extremely high end components in our builds.  Many companies use $50 triggers.  We use $240 Geissele triggers (arguably the best AR triggers available).  A better trigger means more accurate shots, quicker follow up shots, and more confidence in your weapon.  

You can get a cheap barrel for $100, but we use barrels that cost $300-$500.  Our barrels are strong, light, and accurate.  Our barrels have polygonal rifling which increases accuracy, consistency, and the life of the barrel.  Our .300 blackout barrels use true .30 cal feed ramps instead of the default 5.56 feed ramps.  

We use many titanium parts in our rifles, reducing weight and increasing strength.  Our takedown pins have easy to grab buttons to make it easy to disassemble your rifle quickly by hand.  Our selectors are all ambidextrous and have a quick 57 degree activation instead of a longer slower 90 degree throw for superior ergonomics in tactical usage.

We pick the best parts, not the cheapest.  

Secondly, we build and sell “complete weapon systems”.  Most other companies are only selling the basic rifle.  Things like back up iron sights (BUIS), optics, vertical fore grips, bipods, and the like are not included.  You would have to select each of those products yourself, purchase them, and either have a gunsmith install them, or install them yourself (with all the tools and know how required).  We also zero in our optics and BUIS before we ship the weapon, meaning you get a 100% ready to run firearm.

As a quick example for one of our CQB rifles, if you’re comparing prices, keep this in mind:

  • $699 – Trijicon RMR Type 2 Adjustable Red Dot Optic
  • $149 – ScalarWorks RMR riser mount
  • $102 – MagPul Flip up BUIS set
  • $23 – MagPul MVG Vertical Fore Grip

When you add in shipping and taxes, that’s over $1,000 of additional high quality parts, plus the professional installation and zero-ing.

Horizon Arms Research delivers high quality, reliable, and complete weapon systems.  They are ready to go, right out of the box, and will be accurate and reliable for years to come.  We believe that the safety of our clients and their families is worth investing in.  

Our customers value quality, and they trust our company to deliver reliable, superior weapons.

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