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A good gun is hard to find. As you probably know, guns and ammo have been very hard to find lately, and the situation doesn’t seem to be getting any better. So in addition to our weekly free ammo giveaway, we wanted to put up a quick post to show what firearms we have in stock and ready to ship! No backordering, no waiting, just getting a high quality firearm! What’s not to like?

We will work to keep this page up to date. Please email with any questions!

ARs Galore!

First and foremost, because we manufacture our own AR-15s, we have plenty available (for now). Any of our AR-15 based weapons from 8″ AR pistols up to 16″ AR rifles designed for longer engagements, and everything in between! 5.56mm or .300 blackout calibers, pistol or rifle configurations, RMR or EOTech (or ACOG) optics. If you have questions or want to discuss a custom setup, just email us: [email protected]

We also have several of our AR-10 platform 6.5 Creedmoor sniper rifles ready to ship.


We have several Sig P365XLs in stock. With safeties and without.

We have P365Xs with Romeo Zero red dots, and P365XLs with Romeo Zero red dots.

We just got in two IWI Jericho 9mm handguns. They aren’t up on the site yet, but they will be. $599+S/H If you’re interested now, send us an email! [email protected]

We also have a Sig P938 Legion 9mm sub-compact for sale ($780+S/H) SOLD

We have an amazing Wilson Combat EDC X9 9mm with the armor-tuff coating (non-lightrail version) for sale as well! $2,899+S/H. Email if interested: [email protected]

We have a CZ Scorpion 9mm EVO 3 Pistol $999 + S/H. SOLD


In addition to our normal AR-15 and AR-10 rifles, we have several rifles that aren’t on our website:

Daniel Defense M4 v7 Colorado Compliant – $1699 SOLD

KelTec RDB17 5.56 (bullpup) – $1,099

FN Scar 20S 7.62/.308 – $4,299

Bushmaster ACR Enhanced 5.56 – $1,999

LMT CSW .300 blk (SBR, Integrally suppressed) – $4,499 SOLD

IWI Galil Ace SBR 7.62/.308 (11.8″ SBR, folding stock) – $1,999

Email if interested: [email protected]

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