IWI Tavor Bullpup – .300 Blackout


Next generation engineering and the next generation .300 Blackout round gives you a very maneuverable effective rifle for CQB and beyond!

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Bullpup rifles like the IWI Tavor represent a next generation approach to combat rifles.  With an innovative design moving the magazine and chamber to the back of the rifle the bullpup rifle provides a much shorter overall length compared with an AR-15 platform.  In addition to being shorter, and therefore more maneuverable, they also have a more rear-ward center of gravity which makes them feel lighter and easier to manipulate.

Battle proven by the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), this rifle excels at CQB, but is also accurate at longer ranges and can be used with a magnifying optic for accurate shooting to 300m and beyond.

With the Tavor, IWI has solved the most common complaints with bullpup rifles.  The trigger is crisp and light with a clean reset, the controls are intuitive and ambidextrous.  The rifle also has a simple take down system for cleaning and maintenance.  This gun is head and shoulders above other bullpups on the market.

In addition to being a next generation design weapon, this rifle is also chambered in .300 Blackout, delivering a truly modern fighting weapon.

We have added an EOTech EXPS2 Green Dot optic for amazingly fast target acquisition and easy both eyes open shooting.




This weapon is also available in 5.56 mm.

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